First week survival

I’ve made it!

On Tuesday the 31st of January at approximately 14:00 local time, my feet touched the floor of my new home. Unlike my previous travel experiences, this one actually departed on time!

I’ve pretty much survived my first week in Norway. Maybe I’m using some liberty when I use the word survival, as it’s actually been incredibly relaxed and stress free. It’s surprising how well everything has all come together.

After taking the train from Oslo Gardermoen, and then a taxi from Hamar Stasjon, it was simply a case of unpacking and getting to grips with it all! Thankfully my place is about a 10 minute walk from a Kiwi supermarket, so getting food and drinks is easy!

A lot of people when they first come to Norway complain heavily about the price of it all, but I’ve actually found the shop prices relatively reasonable. Sure it’s a bit of a culture shock when a bottle of Coke costs £3 instead of £1.50, but a slight alteration of your diet means that buying food in Norway is no more expensive than anywhere else. The days of picking a restaurant and just eating out every night is process I was very much used to, but it’s been great to pick good ingredients and cook fantastic meals at home instead.

Registering at the Police is also really stress free. I had my appointment at 09:00, and was seen straight away. All you need to do is give the documents mentioned in the previous post, as well as a copy of your passport and you’re done in 10 minutes! This may only be the case for EU people, but it’s not all bad.

On towards the tax office which was a bit more painful, if you’ve filled out the form before hand then it’s probably going to make things a lot easier. What I had not realised, that I would recommend is going to the tax office as soon as you have an address in Norway (if this is possible), as it takes up to four weeks to complete. It seems you do not need to register with the police before you go to the tax office.

This means that I cannot yet open a bank account, which would be fantastic as it means I could have set up my payment details for my new job, but as soon as I get a D / ID number, it’s just a case of finding a bank and setting all that up (I hope!).

Other than that, I’ve been mainly focused on work related items such as getting to grips with my new job and surrounding areas. It’s been quite cold in Hamar (for me), with temperatures dropping to -12, but the heating inside houses and buildings is fantastic. A good amount of clothes and a good scarf and hat also help. Remember wool is king!

I need to start brainstorming some topics which I hope people find interesting, but it’s all moved so fast, I’ve yet to have time to figure things out!

Until next time!


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