Move Preparation Week #2

I’m already failing at keeping this updated on regular intervals. However, unfortunately there’s not that much to report. However here are some things I’ve learnt.

Student Loan

The age old myth that you don’t have to pay your student loan back if you move to a different country is completely untrue! If you plan to stay overseas for more than 12 months, the UK student loan company does want to know! You will need to fill out a self-assessment form and provide bank details to them. They will then decide if you need to repay, and how much!

Once I have an address this will be sorted.


Things are heating up on the accommodation front. I’ve now got two people who are happy to live with me, so we’re currently scouring looking for places to live. I’ve resigned to the fact that I’ll need to be spending some money on furniture over there, as fully furnished properties are extremely rare! This is not a huge problem for me, but its a cost that I’d much rather have done without.

British life

Not too much to report on that front. The priority and the next piece of the puzzle is definitely getting accommodation over there. Selling, cancelling contracts and mentally preparing myself for the move is all going great, it’s very easy to stop somethings.


I’ve not made too much progress, but I have learnt about student loans! Accommodation search is still ongoing, and preparing my British life is going great.

I hope to provide something more meaningful after Christmas!


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