Move Preparation Week #3

So these updates are really inconsistent! The Christmas period has been a nice respite from normal working life! I was hoping to provide an update stating that accommodation, bank accounts and all of that good stuff has happened, however I’m about to disappoint.

Accommodation is still an ongoing project at the moment. Talking and reaching out to landlords isn’t a difficult prospect, however still being stuck within the UK means I’m going in pretty blind. There are a couple of key differences between UK and Norwegian renting that I’d like to point out.

  1. Estate Agents – There seems to be a distinct lack of Estate Agents managing the lettings of the properties. Whilst they do seem to exist, I believe their focus is mainly on selling properties. This is actually a refreshing change, as it allows you to personally get to know the landlord, and avoid all those pesky fee’s.
  2. About me pages – Landlords also seem to really want to get to know the tenants they’re letting to. It’s not uncommon for landlords to ask for a little bit of information about yourself. Again this is a nice refreshing change, as it allows you to rapport with the landlord.

So apart from accommodation, everything else seems to be moving along! Christmas was a great opportunity to ask for Norway related gifts, so some currency, warm socks and a coat means I shouldn’t freeze to death. I am going in slightly blind on the weather front, as whilst I have been to Norway in the winter twice, they’ve all been extremely mild. Hamar next week is currently -6 degrees, so Its definitely going to be learning experience on coping with the cold weather.  I plan on writing a separate page regarding clothing once I’m actually over there.

More updates to follow!

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