Move Preparation Week #4

Airports are incredibly interesting places. I’m currently sat in London Heathrow waiting to travel to Serbia. I had originally scheduled a flight early in the morning to fly from Heathrow to Zurich, and then Zurich to Belgrade, however the engine broke whilst on the runway so that plan backfired.

Anyway, I dont know why but I always feel better bewildered by airports. it’s such organised chaos, and for some sad reason it really interests me whats going on in the background.

Moving back on topic, this is move preparation week #4, and it’s probably a bit more interesting than the last one. The biggest story of this week is that I finally have an apartment sorted! I didn’t organise it by myself, as I’m sharing with two colleagues from my new job, however it’s such a relief!

It all starts to feel very real once money leaves your account. Admittedly I haven’t paid the deposit for the apartment yet (will do when I get to Norway), however knowing that my bank account will be £650 worse off makes it seem a little daunting.

So whats next? Here’s how I see it.

  1. Go to Norway – I need to actually go back to Norway again (before I move over for good) to see the apartment and pick up the keys.
  2. Arrange D number – Now I have an address, I can finally sort out my D number, so i’ll need to arrange an appointment with the office in Hamar to get this all sorted. This can be done online so its just a case of deciding when is the best time to go.
  3. Start buying furniture – Quite an easy but expensive task. The apartment is unfurnished and whilst my housemates are helping kit out the living room, my bedroom will be an empty space unless a bed / mattress /  wardrobe and so on are purchased. This is going to be a mixture of IKEA visits and second hand purchases from Finn.
  4. Start shipping stuff over – Some things can easily be bought over like clothes and some small equipment, however the one thing i’m struggling with is my PC. Unless I unbuild my computer, wack it in a suitcase and bring it over, it’s going to be a tricky one.

So things are going along smoothly, and I know what I need to do to get sorted. It’s just a case of actually going ahead and doing it now.

Scary times.

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