Move Preparation Week #5

I’ve started to neglect this blog, however a lot has happened since my last update so hopefully the lack of quantity will make up for some quality.

I’m sat here, unable to sleep as I’m off to Norway for two days to prepare myself mentally and starting moving some stuff over! The flight leaves in about 8 hours and it’s a 3 hour hour drive to the airport, so needless to say, I’m going to be absolutely shattered.

However, here’s the update.

D Number

As I finally have an address, I’ve managed to organise my appointment to get my ID / D number. The process on the UDI website was relatively painless and it clearly explains how to register and what to bring on the day. The only downside is the fact that I couldn’t book it until next month, however it’s not a major pain for me.

I’ll be writing a separate post on the whole UDI experience for a European citizen once I’ve completed my appointment.


My trip tomorrow to Norway is my opportunity to start moving some of my stuff over to Norway. I’ve managed to rope a friend in coming along too, and we’ve booked 2x 20kg suitcases to house all of my stuff. My main desire is to get my PC over there, so that’s going in one suitcase and my monitors and peripherals in another, as well as some bedding and other necessities!

We then have a car rented from Avis for the trip to IKEA to buy some furnishings and other necessities. I’m a little daunted about driving on the other side of the road, but I’ve had limited experience in Norwegian driving and it’s not that bad!


A bitter sweet day occurred on the 13th when I said goodbye to my old job. The people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had as well as the lessons I’ve learnt will hopefully stick with me for a long time.

I’ve booked an appointment to sell my car, as it was going to be a pain to sell it privately. The money offered will definitely help out in Norway.

I’ve also been given some boots and knitted hats by family, they’re awesome.

Whats next

What’s next is getting over there full time! My appointment is at the start of February so i’ll be looking to leave England on the 30th / 31st. Once I’ve got my D number I’ll start looking at getting a bank account sorted. Then its onto living, no more move Prep!

Thats it…I should go sleep.

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