Next chapter: Trondheim

I’m vastly aware to any of those that follow this blog regularly (and I suspect that is a very few amount), that there has been a distinct lack of updates over the past couple of months. Although partially my fault, a lot has happened since the last entry.

I don’t dare to bore you with the details, as the blog is more for tips and experiences. However I’ll highlight a few key newsworthy items, before moving onto future plans for this website.

A new job and new location

I’ve managed to secure a new role in a brilliant company. This also means that I’ll be relocating to Trondheim, a city which I absolutely adore.

Having visited Trondheim on numerous occasions, I’m still finding it quite hard to describe it. Its a large city (by Norwegian standards), with quite a large student population. Set in the Trondheimsfjord, Trondheim is both a vibrant tech hub with a brilliant history and culture.

That’s not a lot to go by, but further down the line I’ll hopefully be able to provide a bit more information. I guess you only find out about a city by living there, right?

A whole bunch of preparation

Like any relocation, a lot of planning and headache has gone into the move. For the first time, I’ve had to handle the apartment hunting myself, which proved to be less daunting that originally anticipated, as well as the arrangements both back home and in Norway.

Finding an apartment is relatively straightforward, at least in comparison to the UK. Most can be found on, and more often than not, you’ll be dealing with the landlord directly, rather than a lettings agency. My experience was relatively straightforward, but apartments tend to move quickly in a city such as Trondheim, so it’s important to keep an eye out and move quickly.

My apartment did not come with a parking spot unfortunately, but this is quite easily solved. Some tenants and owners of larger apartment blocks and houses tend not to require a car, so they have the ability to lease their car parking spot to those that need it.

With that, a lot of back and forth between my old location and Trondheim will be required.

A few plans for the website

Whilst all this has been going on, keeping this site up to date has been placed on the back burner. However, I tend to find myself motivated to write more when interesting things happen. So keep a lookout for future articles.

On top of that, I realise the overall site looks rather…wordpressy. I’ve mentioned before in an earlier post that I plan on overhauling the look and feel of the site. I hope to find the time to get this sorted soon!

I get a steady amount of contact for those looking for help and advice on various aspects of Norway, and I’ll always welcome and questions or comments anyone has! Click the contact me section and I’ll happily get in touch.


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