Summer update

Apologies to those who read this blog, I’ve been neglecting it recently. Life has been relatively busy during the past month, what with work and preparations for summer.

That doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten completely about this blog. My list of draft entries is at an all time high, but the same cannot be said for my desire to publish these. I am slowly coming to the realization that my writing style sucks a tad.

However, I’m currently enjoying the summer holidays away from work. So hopefully this will give me time to start publishing some posts.

Plans for summer

As well as providing some much needed attention to the blog, I’ve been musing what to do with my remaining time off. Fortunately I’ve got some friends and family visiting me for the first time in Norway, and some trips planned in Norway to see some friends.

I’ve so far managed to drive to Ă…lesund and visit my first Norwegian music festival, and go out a few days with my camera to take some shots. Proud of this one below!

Hedmark Country Side
(ISO 200, F/13 1/100)

So going forward, I hope to provide some more updates on my expeditions and experiences in Norway. Another plan of mine is to completely revamp the layout and format of this website. At present it’s just using a standard theme found on wordpress, and the logo kind of sucks.

I’ve been playing around with Divi a fair bit, and am getting to the level where i’m pretty comfortable designing a website on wordpress that doesn’t look as bog standard as this one. I guess it serves its purpose though.

I’m also hoping to include a gallery of some of the photos I’ve taken along the way.

If you haven’t heard from me in a months time, assume I’ve been killed by all the damn mosquitoes flying around.

God sommer!

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